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  1. Digital Pen Pals Make It Fun to Learn Chinese On Social Media

    Can school children reaching across 8,000 kms of geographical and cultural barriers build friendships via social media that motivate them to learn Chinese?

  2. New method for making biofuels is cheaper and better for the environment

    Carbon dioxide delivered to microalgae can be harvested to make renewable fuels.

  3. The digital roadmap to better health

    When it comes to our health, why are we more likely to trust e-strangers than strangers in the street?

  4. Celebrating women in entrepreneurship

    As the year draws to a close, the Melbourne School of Engineering and the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) reflect on all that women in entrepreneurship have achieved throughout 2015.

  5. Creating healthy buildings for sustainable cities

    Professor in Civil Engineering, Chair of Sustainable Cities and internationally recognised expert in engineering and sustainability, Professor Anne Steinemann has committed the last twenty years to creating healthier living and working environments.

  6. Alumni in Conversation: Alison Coutts

    Graduating in 1977 as the first female with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Melbourne, Alison Coutts’ impressive career has spanned four continents …

  7. Melbourne School of Engineering honours outgoing Foundation Chair, Christine Tursky Gordon

    This month we pay tribute to Christine Tursky Gordon (BE (Elec)(Hons)/ BA) who has recently stepped down as Chair of the Melbourne School of Engineering Foundation (MSE Foundation).

  8. Marita Cheng leads Victorian Tech School Initiative

    Marita Cheng; women in engineering; Melbourne School of Engineering; technology; mechatronics; STEM

    Former Young Australian of the Year and Melbourne School of Engineering alumnus Marita Cheng has been named ambassador of the Victorian government’s Tech School Initiative, a program enabling students to supplement their studies and acquire STEM skills.

  9. Social networking to empower older people

    25% of people aged 65 and over live alone in Australia. But Department of Computing and Information Systems lecturer Dr Jenny Waycott says the key to their empowerment could lie in social networking.

  10. Brain in a dish: the therapeutic potential of stem cells and organoids

    In the last few years researchers have discovered how to grow ‘organoids’ in a dish, tiny groups of cells that resemble organs. In an UpClose podcast, Dr Mirella Dottori describes how she uses this research tool to better understand autism.

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