Posts tagged with Structural Engineering

  1. Engineering a safer future in Nepal

    PhD student Tilak Pokharel and Associate Professor Helen Goldsworthy from the Melbourne School of Engineering

    How Nepalese student Tilak Pokharel is putting years of learning to good use rebuilding his country after it was smashed by a massive earthquake.

  2. Student guest post: How to apply for vacation work

    In between study, work and extra-curricular commitments, finding time to apply for vacation work is no easy task. To save you time, our Master of Engineering (Chemical with Business) student Justin Moscatelli reveals his tips for applying for vacation work.

  3. Down the drain: we need to rethink how we clean our homes

    Individually, we use thousands of chemicals in our households and very few of us think about whether they are harming the environment. But the simple act of shampooing and conditioning our hair, even with green products, results in more than 30 chemicals being washed into our sewers.

  4. Alumni in Conversation – Kenny Wang

    Kenny Wang completed his Master of Engineering (Civil) in mid-2014. We caught up with him a year on, to hear about his time at the University and his exciting role with global energy company, Shell.