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  1. How diseases can be targeted using nanotechnology and why it’s difficult

    The engineering of nanoparticles for biomedical applications remains challenging, particularly when moving from the test tube to biological environments. Dr Mattias Björnmalm and Professor Frank Caruso discuss.

  2. Researchers turning waste glass into stronger and more affordable concrete

    A team from the Melbourne School of Engineering led by Associate Professor Tuan Ngo has developed a lightweight prefabricated concrete material that is stronger and cheaper than traditional concrete.

  3. Is technology addiction the same as drug addiction?

    Dr Greg Wadley from the School of Computing and Information Systems discusses how technology can change a user’s mental and emotional state.

  4. New command centres control emergency scene data

    Sharing data from the multitude of sensors deployed at accident or disaster sites is the aim of a new research collaboration designed to improve the flow of critical information and response of those coordinating emergency services.

  5. Satisfaction score to improve quality of internet search results

    With a billion internet queries a day processed by search engines, such as Google and Bing, the amount of data captured about how people search the internet is almost unimaginable.

  6. The aftermath of the Grenfell fire: Are Australian buildings safe?

    Fire safety expert Dr Jonathan Barnett will discuss building facades and fire safety at this free public lecture from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering.

  7. Nano engineered peptide polymers clean up resistant superbugs

    Nature’s prowess in making molecules with astounding properties, such as DNA, serves as important inspiration to Professor Greg Qiao, whose laboratory at the University of Melbourne has an impressive track record with synthesising nanomaterials with unusual new capabilities.

  8. Melbourne to Lead New Academic Centre of Cyber Security Excellence

    The University of Melbourne is one of two institutions chosen to lead the Federal Government’s efforts to build the cyber security expertise and job-ready skills needed by Australian industries.

  9. University of Melbourne to lead new ARC Training Centre in Cognitive Computing for Medical Technologies

    The University of Melbourne will partner with IBM Research to launch a new Training Centre in Cognitive Computing for Medical Technologies thanks to $4.1m in funding from the Australian Research Council.

  10. New hub for biomedical engineering research named after inventor of cochlear implant

    A new institute that brings together biomedical engineers, clinical researchers and industry partners to develop real-world solutions for public health has been launched.

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