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  1. Chris Hale in The Age: Rail stations need major investment

    Dr Chris Hale from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering was featured on page 3 of The Age yesterday, calling for an overhaul of Melbourne’s rail stations, which he said are well behind world standards.

  2. MSE successes in recent ARC and NHMRC grant funding

    The Melbourne School of Engineering has done well in the recent round of ARC and NHMRC research grants.

  3. Mud, sludge and custard tamed?

    Professor Richard Buscall, Principal of MSACT Consulting (UK) will present the next MERIT Visiting Scholar Lecture, “Mud, sludge and custard tamed? Well, that is the aim of SERCh* (*Suspension Engineering Rheology Chart)”.

  4. Michael Stewardson wins Eureka Prize for water research

    Dr Michael Stewardson, from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, at the University of Melbourne, has won the 2011 Eureka Prize for Water Research and Innovation, along with colleagues from the Crawford School of Economics and Government at the Australian National University.

  5. Explainer: What is Net Neutrality?

    Dr Aaron Harwood from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering has written for The Conversation about Net Neutrality.

  6. SIAM award for Dr Michael Rotkowitz

    Future Generation and Senior Research Fellow Dr Michael Rotkowitz has won the 2011 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Activity Group on Control and Systems Theory Prize.

  7. Meet the Founder: Robert Klupacs

    The next session in NICTA and The Melbourne School of Engineering’s Meet the Founder series will feature CEO and Managing Director of Circadian Technologies, Robert Klupacs.

  8. New grant aids water treatment research link with Victoria University

    Researchers from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering will work with Victoria University academics on the latest water treatment research, as part of a new $6.1m Federal Government Collaborative Research Network grant.

  9. Jing Fung Tan discusses his award winning research

    Jing Fung Tan has won the MERIT Best PhD thesis in Engineering for 2010. In this article Jing talks about his polymer research and what the award means to him.

  10. New Linkage Project successes

    Academics from The Melbourne School of Engineering have been awarded nearly $1.6M in funding for six new major Linkage Projects, in the latest round of Australian Research Council funding.

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