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  1. New fixes for old traffic problems

    Bringing transport systems into the 21st century means connecting all elements of the network – from the vehicles to the traffic lights, and even the pavements

  2. Using maths to map mines deep underground

    New optimisation software, inspired by the complexity of the microchip, could save the mining industry millions

  3. Using virtual reality to treat real-world injuries

    Biomechanical technology that uses virtual reality can not only help treat injuries, but also prevent them

  4. Superhuman abilities could lurk under your skin

    Insertable technology could launch a new type of human. Read more on Pursuit.

  5. Moving with the power of thought

    A device the size of a matchstick, implanted next to the brain’s motor cortex, could one day help paralysed people move their limbs.

  6. Can hackers turn off the lights?

    Keeping our critical infrastructure safe from destructive cyber-attacks

  7. Kinecting with the orang-utans

    Computer and gaming technology is about to let orang-utans take charge at Melbourne Zoo.

  8. How sharks can help combat air turbulence

    Researchers are looking to the monsters of the deep for ways to improve air travel.

  9. A blueprint for greener cloud computing

    Cloud computing promises to streamline IT for businesses and individuals, but Professor Rajkumar Buyya says we must seize the opportunity to make it greener.

  10. The digital roadmap to better health

    When it comes to our health, why are we more likely to trust e-strangers than strangers in the street?

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