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  1. The moral dilemma: Monopoly or Zombies

    Dr Marcus Carter, Research Fellow in the Microsoft Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces, says games offer an exciting way to explore your morality in a realistic way. Read more on Pursuit.

  2. Our future lies in the fine print

    3D printing

    3D printing will change the way we live, from creating plastic objects to body parts to food. Alumnus Bernard Meade reveals how to Pursuit.

  3. Marita Cheng leads Victorian Tech School Initiative

    Marita Cheng; women in engineering; Melbourne School of Engineering; technology; mechatronics; STEM

    Former Young Australian of the Year and Melbourne School of Engineering alumnus Marita Cheng has been named ambassador of the Victorian government’s Tech School Initiative, a program enabling students to supplement their studies and acquire STEM skills.

  4. Melbourne Accelerator Program named top Australian startup incubator

    The University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) has been ranked number 1 in Australia and number 8 worldwide by the UBI Index, a Swedish Research Initiative comparing business incubators worldwide.

  5. A city thrives on connectedness but access all hours makes privacy a problem

    Data driven services might transform the way we interact with our city, but where does privacy and equal access fit into this future landscape? Professor Stephan Winter and Professor Christopher Leckie discuss with The Conversation.

  6. Social networking to empower older people

    25% of people aged 65 and over live alone in Australia. But Department of Computing and Information Systems lecturer Dr Jenny Waycott says the key to their empowerment could lie in social networking.

  7. Welcome to Pursuit

    Pursuit places cutting-edge research and expert commentary, by the University of Melbourne’s world-leading experts, all at your fingertips.

  8. How to do 3000 years of research in one year

    Aircraft engine expert and mechanical engineer Professor Richard Sandberg, in collaboration with General Electric, will use some of the world’s fastest computers to complete 3000 years of research in a single year and advance engineering design for greener and cleaner air travel.

  9. Google Anita Borg Scholarship to empower women through technology

    Google has awarded Department of Computing Information Systems PhD student Sarah Webber with the Anita Borg Scholarship, recognising her passion to engage women in computer science and technology.

  10. Coding for Women

    Always wondered what computer programming was? The Department of Computing and Information Systems is running their annual Coding for Women workshop for undergraduate female students from the University of Melbourne.

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