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  1. Can hackers turn off the lights?

    Keeping our critical infrastructure safe from destructive cyber-attacks

  2. MAP 2016 Information Night

    VenueMob co-director and founder David Wei

    The Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) offers the chance to channel your energy into something amazing. Find out more at their 2016 Information Night.

  3. Kinecting with the orang-utans

    Computer and gaming technology is about to let orang-utans take charge at Melbourne Zoo.

  4. Digital Pen Pals Make It Fun to Learn Chinese On Social Media

    Can school children reaching across 8,000 kms of geographical and cultural barriers build friendships via social media that motivate them to learn Chinese?

  5. Rapid Feedback for student learning

    A new app created by learning specialists from the University of Melbourne will enable teachers to assess and provide helpful feedback in real time as students deliver oral presentations.

  6. A blueprint for greener cloud computing

    Cloud computing promises to streamline IT for businesses and individuals, but Professor Rajkumar Buyya says we must seize the opportunity to make it greener.

  7. The digital roadmap to better health

    When it comes to our health, why are we more likely to trust e-strangers than strangers in the street?

  8. Celebrating women in entrepreneurship

    As the year draws to a close, the Melbourne School of Engineering and the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) reflect on all that women in entrepreneurship have achieved throughout 2015.

  9. MSE graduates win Ericsson Innovation Challenge

    Melbourne School of Engineering graduates Khale Lewis, Daniel Vandali and Brendan Myers designed a dynamic new approach to optimise toll road travel to win the Ericsson Innovation Challenge.

  10. When help is just a touch away

    A new digital tool offers support for young people with mental health issues, picking up where traditional therapies end.

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