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  1. Supercomputing and Astronomy Seminars, Thursday March 24

    In this upcoming lecture, two leading Indian scientists Dr Vijay Bhatkar and Jayant Narailikar will discuss Supercomputing and Astronomy.

  2. Orang-utans play video games too, and it can enrich their lives in the zoo

    Visiting the orang-utans at the zoo brings us face to face with some of our closest relatives. Moments of connection with these intelligent creatures can be powerfully emotional.

  3. Indigenous school students boost their coding skills thanks to IT workshop

    Students from Worawa Aboriginal Girls College were this week given an introduction to the world of coding in a technology workshop at the University of Melbourne.

  4. Melbourne University – now with drones!

    New opportunities in remote sensing and research data acquisition will be generated with the launch of a new drone project, the Melbourne Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Platform, also known as MUASIP.

  5. The social lives of algorithms

    Algorithms aren’t just technical objects; they’re social objects guiding the organisation of everyday sociality. Professor Paul Dourish explains in this video presentation of his Miegunyah Lecture, ‘The Social Lives of Algorithms’.

  6. Lunar Mission One at Melbourne

    In this public lecture David Iron will introduce Lunar Mission One and its motivations, the scientific and social importance of the mission and the future of international space exploration.

  7. Universities of Melbourne and Birmingham launch joint PhD program in engineering

    The University of Birmingham and the University of Melbourne have signed an expansive new collaboration, which will include up to 20 PhD ‘Priestley Scholars’ in engineering, who will study alongside world-leading experts at both universities.

  8. FBI vs Apple: giving up security and privacy could hurt us all

    If Apple concedes to the US government’s request to hack its own product, it could end up undermining security and privacy for all of us says Dr Suelette Dreyfus and Associate Professor Shanton Chang.

  9. Superhuman abilities could lurk under your skin

    Insertable technology could launch a new type of human. Read more on Pursuit.

  10. No more keys or cards? Technology goes under the skin

    Researchers at the University of Melbourne are investigating the growth in a new type of technology, inserted under the skin, and set to revolutionise the way we gain access to our homes, our bank accounts and use public transport.

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