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  1. Engineering limbs: Helping amputees walk in Vietnam

    In his upcoming public lecture, Professor Peter Lee from the Department of Mechanical Engineering discusses biomechanical engineering research and the development low-cost artificial limbs.

  2. Melbourne University – now with drones!

    New opportunities in remote sensing and research data acquisition will be generated with the launch of a new drone project, the Melbourne Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Platform, also known as MUASIP.

  3. Lunar Mission One at Melbourne

    In this public lecture David Iron will introduce Lunar Mission One and its motivations, the scientific and social importance of the mission and the future of international space exploration.

  4. Universities of Melbourne and Birmingham launch joint PhD program in engineering

    The University of Birmingham and the University of Melbourne have signed an expansive new collaboration, which will include up to 20 PhD ‘Priestley Scholars’ in engineering, who will study alongside world-leading experts at both universities.

  5. Moving with the power of thought

    A device the size of a matchstick, implanted next to the brain’s motor cortex, could one day help paralysed people move their limbs.

  6. Student Formula SAE team in race to top of field

    In a competitive field of over 30 local and international universities, MUR Motorsports achieved second place at the Formula SAE Australasia competition late last year. This is the highest position achieved in over 15 years of competing.

  7. How sharks can help combat air turbulence

    Researchers are looking to the monsters of the deep for ways to improve air travel.

  8. Celebrating women in entrepreneurship

    As the year draws to a close, the Melbourne School of Engineering and the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) reflect on all that women in entrepreneurship have achieved throughout 2015.

  9. Marita Cheng leads Victorian Tech School Initiative

    Marita Cheng; women in engineering; Melbourne School of Engineering; technology; mechatronics; STEM

    Former Young Australian of the Year and Melbourne School of Engineering alumnus Marita Cheng has been named ambassador of the Victorian government’s Tech School Initiative, a program enabling students to supplement their studies and acquire STEM skills.

  10. The jaws of life

    How a mechanical engineer and a surgeon used cutting edge 3D printing technology to create a working body part that will improve the quality of life for thousands.

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