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  1. Launching us into the final frontier: 50 years of space research at Melbourne

    50 years ago, a group of University of Melbourne engineering students began building Australia’s first earth satellite. Now, the University of Melbourne Space Program is well on its way to establishing itself as a driving force in the development of cutting edge space technology within Australia.

  2. Student guest post: How to apply for vacation work

    In between study, work and extra-curricular commitments, finding time to apply for vacation work is no easy task. To save you time, our Master of Engineering (Chemical with Business) student Justin Moscatelli reveals his tips for applying for vacation work.

  3. 3D Printing Showcase: 9 October 2015

    Discover how new technology is shaping our world and meet with the people who are making it happen at the third annual 3D Printing Showcase.

  4. What now for the NBN under a Turnbull government?

    University of Melbourne Emeritus Professor in Electric and Electronic Engineering, Rod Tucker, discusses how this week’s dramatic events in Federal politics will impact on the National Broadband Network.

  5. Public Lecture: Bringing Australia’s Broadband Network into the 21st Century

    In this Public Lecture on 8 September, Professor Rod Tucker will discuss what Australia needs to do to become a world leader in broadband connectivity.

  6. University-led initiatives alleviate STEM gender imbalance

    Recent government figures reveal sixty per cent of tertiary graduates last year were women, yet gender imbalance within the STEM industry persists.

  7. Engineering and IT research gets $1.5m boost

    Cleaner, greener 5G wireless networks and a revolutionary method for targeting the delivery of drugs to diseased cells are just some of the major engineering and IT industry partnership projects that have been greenlit at the University of Melbourne thanks to the Australian Research Council’s Linkage grants for 2015.

  8. Iven Mareels and Stan Skafidas in Engineers Australia’s Top 100

    Dean of Engineering, Professor Iven Mareels and Centre for Neural Engineering Director, Professor Stan Skafidas have been named in Engineers Australia’s Top 100 Most Influential Engineers for 2015.

  9. Student guest post: A summer internship at Frazer-Nash Consultancy

    Student Ambassador and Master of Engineering (Electrical) student Zhiyuan Li has completed a summer internship at a leading international engineering consultancy. In this blog post, Zhiyuan shares some of his experiences working in a professional environment as an intern.

  10. Shaping an Indigenous future in Engineering

    Australian Universities are uniting in their commitment to greater representation of Indigenous Australians in engineering. The Partners for Pathways project aims to create scholarships and devise strategies to promote pathways into engineering and remove barriers to entry for Indigenous and other students who do not have the STEM prerequisites.

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