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  1. Ten exciting new startups supported through the 2016 Melbourne Accelerator Program

    The University of Melbourne’s Startup Accelerator, the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) has seen record numbers of entries and the largest ever intake into the prestigious startup program.

  2. Melbourne University – now with drones!

    New opportunities in remote sensing and research data acquisition will be generated with the launch of a new drone project, the Melbourne Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Platform, also known as MUASIP.

  3. MAP 2016 Information Night

    VenueMob co-director and founder David Wei

    The Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) offers the chance to channel your energy into something amazing. Find out more at their 2016 Information Night.

  4. MSE graduates win Ericsson Innovation Challenge

    Melbourne School of Engineering graduates Khale Lewis, Daniel Vandali and Brendan Myers designed a dynamic new approach to optimise toll road travel to win the Ericsson Innovation Challenge.

  5. Why is it cheaper to send goods to New York than to Sydney?

    Associate Professor of Transport Engineering Russell Thompson explains why shipping can be more expensive domestically than internationally.

  6. New technologies to quench a thirsty world

    farm; agriculture; water; crops; new technologies; rural australia

    Pioneering engineering technologies mean farmers can use water more efficiently, helping address global water shortages and produce more food.

  7. Shampoo and conditioner – it’s all froth and bubble

    When it comes to shampoo, we’re spoilt for choice. But what are we really buying to clean our hair?

  8. Alumni in Conversation: Alison Coutts

    Graduating in 1977 as the first female with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Melbourne, Alison Coutts’ impressive career has spanned four continents …

  9. Melbourne Accelerator Program named top Australian startup incubator

    The University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) has been ranked number 1 in Australia and number 8 worldwide by the UBI Index, a Swedish Research Initiative comparing business incubators worldwide.

  10. How to do 3000 years of research in one year

    Aircraft engine expert and mechanical engineer Professor Richard Sandberg, in collaboration with General Electric, will use some of the world’s fastest computers to complete 3000 years of research in a single year and advance engineering design for greener and cleaner air travel.

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