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  1. Personalised epilepsy seizure prediction a possibility with AI

    The idea of personalised seizure prediction for epilepsy is closer to becoming a reality thanks to new research published today by the University of Melbourne and IBM Research-Australia.

  2. Melbourne to lead new research network to address the Asia-Pacific housing crisis

    Engineers from the University of Melbourne will lead a new international research network to address the housing crisis in the Asia-Pacific region through the development of affordable and sustainable housing solutions.

  3. It may not be beautiful but the new ten dollar note is pretty secure

    The new series of Australian banknotes are not a designer’s dream but they are the strongest yet in terms of preventing counterfeiting. Professor David Solomon from the Department of Chemical Engineering writes for The Conversation, along with Swinburne’s Professor Tom Spurling.

  4. Melbourne to Lead New Academic Centre of Cyber Security Excellence

    The University of Melbourne is one of two institutions chosen to lead the Federal Government’s efforts to build the cyber security expertise and job-ready skills needed by Australian industries.

  5. University of Melbourne to lead new ARC Training Centre in Cognitive Computing for Medical Technologies

    The University of Melbourne will partner with IBM Research to launch a new Training Centre in Cognitive Computing for Medical Technologies thanks to $4.1m in funding from the Australian Research Council.

  6. Student ingenuity shines at Endeavour exhibition 2016

    A battery that charges over wifi is just one of the student inventions launched at the Endeavour Engineering & IT Exhibition 2016, the University of Melbourne’s showcase of Engineering and IT design projects.

  7. Patients see light as first sign of restored vision from bionic eye prototype

    The brain’s electrical conductivity creates a special place in medicine for electrical engineers. It has allowed them to open new frontiers, using implanted electronic devices to bypass damaged human sense organs and reconnect the brain to information about the external world.

  8. Chemical Engineering students take out KBR prize for best final year project

    A team of students from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has won the national KBR Student Design Prize for 2016.

  9. Transforming advanced manufacturing piece by piece

    The University of Melbourne in collaboration with Speedpanel Australia has been awarded $3 million to undertake an Australian Government Cooperative Research Centre Project that will research and develop innovative pre-fabricated building systems.

  10. Hide your location on Twitter? We can still find you and that’s not a bad thing in an emergency

    It’s still possible to locate social media users who hide their location online. This can be very useful for our emergency authorities, say Dr Mohsen Kalantari, Professor Abbas Rajabifard, and Farhad Laylavi from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering

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