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  1. Reflections on the Emory Global Health Case Competition

    This year a team of six University of Melbourne students won the Emory Global Health Case Competition (GHCC) in Atlanta, for the first time since the University began competing in 2014.

  2. Best in STEM: 10 stories you may have missed – January 2019

    internet network server room with computers racks and digital receiver for digital tv
    We’ve picked ten of the most exciting, intriguing and important pieces of research setting the scene for another year of stimulating STEM research in 2019.

  3. Celebration of the life of Emeritus Professor Len Stevens AM

    Emeritus Professor Len Stevens AM in laboratory
    Over 150 past and present colleagues, past students, family and friends came together on the 28th of November to celebrate the life of Emeritus Professor Len Stevens AM.

  4. Engineering a safer future in Nepal

    PhD student Tilak Pokharel and Associate Professor Helen Goldsworthy from the Melbourne School of Engineering

    How Nepalese student Tilak Pokharel is putting years of learning to good use rebuilding his country after it was smashed by a massive earthquake.

  5. Why is it cheaper to send goods to New York than to Sydney?

    Associate Professor of Transport Engineering Russell Thompson explains why shipping can be more expensive domestically than internationally.

  6. New technologies to quench a thirsty world

    farm; agriculture; water; crops; new technologies; rural australia

    Pioneering engineering technologies mean farmers can use water more efficiently, helping address global water shortages and produce more food.

  7. A city thrives on connectedness but access all hours makes privacy a problem

    Data driven services might transform the way we interact with our city, but where does privacy and equal access fit into this future landscape? Professor Stephan Winter and Professor Christopher Leckie discuss with The Conversation.

  8. ‘Future Mobility Sensing’: better travel data for a smarter city

    New smartphone application the Future Mobility Sensing (FMS) app is currently being tested by the University of Melbourne to gather accurate travel and activity data. It is expected to provide more detailed travel information than traditional paper-based diaries.

  9. Student guest post: How to apply for vacation work

    In between study, work and extra-curricular commitments, finding time to apply for vacation work is no easy task. To save you time, our Master of Engineering (Chemical with Business) student Justin Moscatelli reveals his tips for applying for vacation work.

  10. University-led initiatives alleviate STEM gender imbalance

    Recent government figures reveal sixty per cent of tertiary graduates last year were women, yet gender imbalance within the STEM industry persists.

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