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  1. Dr Rikky Muller honoured in MIT Technology Review

    Electrical and electronic engineering lecturer and Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) alumna Dr Rikky Muller has been named an honoree of MIT Technology Review’s Annual Innovators Under 35 list, recognised for her development of emerging technologies in the field of Engineering and Medicine.

  2. Student guest post: Stepping outside the lecture theatre

    After seeing the sights in Europe, Master of Engineering (Biomedical) student Naomi Sutanto was uneasy about returning home and falling back into the same routine. However, determined to make the most of her final year, Naomi soon found a variety of unique opportunities around the campus.

  3. University-led initiatives alleviate STEM gender imbalance

    Recent government figures reveal sixty per cent of tertiary graduates last year were women, yet gender imbalance within the STEM industry persists.

  4. Marita Cheng develops AI to help the blind experience the world

    Melbourne School of Engineering alumna Marita Cheng is working in Silicon Valley on a new app that allows blind people to identify the world directly in front of them using machine vision technology.

  5. Student guest post: Getting involved with Engineers Without Borders

    Master of Engineering (Civil) student Alexandra Weisenberger shares what it’s like to be involved in an organisation that is using engineering to make the world a better place.

  6. Air-travel innovator joins Melbourne to address big challenges

    The University of Melbourne is responding to modern engineering challenges with the recent appointment of Professor Richard Sandberg from the UK, an expert in making air travel faster and cheaper.

  7. Student guest post: Lost in Delft

    My adventurous family, that’s not everyone

    Student ambassador and Master of Engineering (Biomedical) student Naomi Sutanto continues her study abroad journey, this time exploring the beautiful Netherlands .

  8. Engineering and IT research gets $1.5m boost

    Cleaner, greener 5G wireless networks and a revolutionary method for targeting the delivery of drugs to diseased cells are just some of the major engineering and IT industry partnership projects that have been greenlit at the University of Melbourne thanks to the Australian Research Council’s Linkage grants for 2015.

  9. Student guest post: Kicking goals on campus

    With a passion for soccer, Master of Engineering Management student Victor Cabrera reveals the best ways to become involved with sport on campus.

  10. Menzies Foundation is looking for the next generation of leaders

    The Menzies Foundation is looking for outstanding engineers who are shaping to become the next generation of leaders, offering the prestigious Menzies Scholarship to students undertaking postgraduate study overseas.

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