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  1. Ten exciting new startups supported through the 2016 Melbourne Accelerator Program

    The University of Melbourne’s Startup Accelerator, the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) has seen record numbers of entries and the largest ever intake into the prestigious startup program.

  2. Applications open for joint PhD scholarships with University of Birmingham

    Applications are now open for 20 Priestley Fellowships that enable PhD students to work with academics in both Birmingham and Melbourne.

  3. A new leg to stand on

    Engineers are changing lives in the developing world with a unique project led by Professor Peter Lee bringing low-cost prosthetics to amputees.

  4. Engineering limbs: Helping amputees walk in Vietnam

    In his upcoming public lecture, Professor Peter Lee from the Department of Mechanical Engineering discusses biomechanical engineering research and the development low-cost artificial limbs.

  5. Universities of Melbourne and Birmingham launch joint PhD program in engineering

    The University of Birmingham and the University of Melbourne have signed an expansive new collaboration, which will include up to 20 PhD ‘Priestley Scholars’ in engineering, who will study alongside world-leading experts at both universities.

  6. Superhuman abilities could lurk under your skin

    Insertable technology could launch a new type of human. Read more on Pursuit.

  7. No more keys or cards? Technology goes under the skin

    Researchers at the University of Melbourne are investigating the growth in a new type of technology, inserted under the skin, and set to revolutionise the way we gain access to our homes, our bank accounts and use public transport.

  8. Moving with the power of thought

    A device the size of a matchstick, implanted next to the brain’s motor cortex, could one day help paralysed people move their limbs.

  9. Designing the materials of the future

    Researchers in the Polymers Lab are creating revolutionary new materials with healthcare and environmental solutions in mind.

  10. Mathematics adds to understanding human disease

    Researchers at the University of Melbourne have developed an energy-based mathematical modelling technique to build models of the complex biochemical systems within the human body.

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