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  1. NBN benefits regional centres, but rural Australia is still left wanting

    Researchers from the Department of Computing and Information Systems, Dr Bjorn Nansen, Jenny Kennedy and Dr Martin Gibbs have co-authored an article for The Conversation that investigates how rural and regional Australians are experiencing services offered by the National Broadband Network (NBN).

  2. Can we create an energy efficient Internet?

    With the number of Internet connected devices rapidly increasing, researchers from Melbourne are starting a new research program to reduce the energy consumption of such devices.

  3. Innovative ceramic armour wins top national award

    A team including researchers from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering recently won the Land Defence Australia National Industry Innovation Award for development of a new lightweight, ceramic armour material that links innovation, collaboration and the manufacturing sector in Victoria.

  4. New ARC projects in engineering and IT

    The Melbourne School of Engineering has received funding for six Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA), ten Discovery Projects (DP), one Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant and two non-lead LIEF grants in the latest round of ARC grant funding announced yesterday.

  5. Future vision for Australia’s bionic eye

    With the aid of a $1 million dollar grant from the federal government, the bionic eye project is about to take a big leap forward, with trials moving from the laboratory into the home.

  6. The Handbook of Recycling: Working towards a Greener Future

    Every year, Australians produce over 18 million tonnes of waste. But by improving our knowledge of what can be recycled and how we can do it, we can create a positive future for our environment. Addressing recycling in his recent book, Honorary Infrastructure Engineering Professor Markus Reuter has been recognised by the ISWA for his understanding of recycling processes and implications.

  7. Using Shape to Restore Vision, with PhD student Evgeni Sergeev

    Neuroengineering PhD student Evgeni Sergeev is playing an important role in bionic eye development.

  8. Screening along the spectrum: The search for a genetic test for autism

    Professor Stan Skafidas

    In the latest edition of Up Close, Dr Shane Huntington speaks to neuropsychiatrist Professor Chris Pantelis and neural engineering research Professor Stan Skafidas about the potential for using genetics to improve the diagnosis of autism.

  9. MSE celebrates new Future Fellows

    University of Melbourne researchers have been awarded the largest share of ARC Future Fellowships funding with more than $17 million allocated to support 22 outstanding researchers, with four from the Melbourne School of Engineering, one project led by Associate Professor Kenneth Crozier being shared with the Department of Physics in the Faculty of Science.

  10. Dr Yongping Wei: pioneering water research between China and Australia

    Dr Yongping Wei completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne and she is now developing new approaches to water resource management in Australia and China, with funding support from an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship.

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