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  1. How to choose the best NBN plan for your needs

    As the National Broadband Network (NBN) roll out continues, those privileged to have access to the network will be hunting for bargains when it comes to choosing a broadband plan.

  2. Regional Australia is crying out for equitable access to broadband

    Internet and broadband connectivity are the foundation of the networked economy. But to ensure the benefits of the networked economy are evenly distributed, the Australian government needs to ensure access to the internet to encourage and support innovation.

  3. Researchers may be motivated by impact but that is not enough to achieve it

    Professor Thas Nirthalamas and Simon Wilkins discuss programs that are helping universities and industries to collaborate more closely for The Conversation.

  4. Some places should be off limits for games such as Pokémon GO

    It is not just buildings of note, art, and murals that are transformed by Pokémon GO. Also included in the game are private homes, memorials, museums, gravestones and hospitals. Are there places that Pokémon GO should not go?

  5. The Pokémon GO craze sees gamers hit the streets but it comes with a warning

    Pokémon GO uses an augmented reality interface that overlays 3D digital content of the game onto a smartphone’s camera feed, allowing players to see their Pokémon as if they were in physical space.

  6. How to keep more girls in IT at schools if we are to close the gender gap

    The world is increasingly embracing digital technology, but many girls are still missing out on developing IT and programming skills.

  7. The real reason more women don’t code

    In light of the current Girls Who Code Campaign, Professor Karin Verspoor, discusses the real reasons why participation rates for women in coding are low, for the Conversation.

  8. How high-speed wireless compares to cable in boosting our internet speeds

    Professor Thas Nirmalathas

    In the light of Google’s recent announcement for plans to roll out high-speed wireless internet connections, how will the NBN’s national broadband cable compare? Professor Thas Nirmalathas writes for the Conversation.

  9. FBI vs Apple: giving up security and privacy could hurt us all

    If Apple concedes to the US government’s request to hack its own product, it could end up undermining security and privacy for all of us says Dr Suelette Dreyfus and Associate Professor Shanton Chang.

  10. How the NBN could boost Australia’s GDP by 2%

    The National Broadband Network (NBN) can boost Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by about 2% in the long term and, more importantly, add to our national welfare by improving real household consumption by 1.4%.

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