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  1. Student guest post: On exchange in Zürich

    Student Ambassador and Master of Engineering (Mechanical) student Iona Norton is currently on exchange at ETH Zürich, Switzerland. In this guest post, Iona shares her experiences of winter in Zürich and the life of an exchange student.

  2. Demonstrating our expertise in water

    The excellence of water research conducted across the Melbourne School of Engineering (MSE) and the University of Melbourne is well established. Now the breadth of expertise and capacity to tackle major water challenges with industry, government and communities is being demonstrated as well.

  3. Adapting Water Management to Climate Change in India

    The long-term impacts of climate change on water security in India and Australia are expected to be significant, in particular, on the hydrologic behaviour of water catchments.

  4. Nanoscale technology for better drug delivery

    Professor Frank Caruso leads a research group at the University of Melbourne which is taking steps along the path toward targeted drug delivery by engineering nanoparticles.

  5. Rice husk grist to the cement mill: new student developed technology

    Students from the University of Melbourne have developed a revolutionary machine to create low-cost, environmentally sustainable building materials, which is expected to have substantial applications in developing countries.

  6. Female undergraduate students inspired by coding at MSE workshop

    Female undergraduate students from the University of Melbourne stepped into the world of coding at an Introduction to Programming Workshop this week. Experimenting with a range of programming tools and activities, students were challenged to design their own animations, apps and code.

  7. Student ideas shine at Endeavour 2014

    A robot that can clean your pool, a portable headpiece to monitor brain activity and a cutting-edge racing vehicle were just some of the ingenious engineering and IT final year projects on display at Endeavour 2014.

  8. Making videogames more fun … for the audience

    You might think watching other people play videogames is boring, but researchers at the Microsoft Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces (SocialNUI) at the University of Melbourne say it does not have to be this way.

  9. Ingenium Cadetship recruits Members of MAP

    To help entrepreneurs get their idea off the ground, the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) in association with venture capital firm CMB, have introduced the Ingenium Cadetship.

  10. Dr Yongping Wei: pioneering water research between China and Australia

    Dr Yongping Wei completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne and she is now developing new approaches to water resource management in Australia and China, with funding support from an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship.

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