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  1. Melbourne’s Tin Alley Beta awarded Australia’s Most Outstanding Internship Program

    An IT internship program launched by the Melbourne School of Information (MSI) has been honoured as Australia’s Most Outstanding Internship Program.


  2. Channel 9 profiles Hand Hub research to aid stroke recovery

    Researchers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering have been working with the Royal Melbourne Hospital as part of the Hand Hub, a groundbreaking new facility that is helping people recover more quickly after a stroke.


  3. Innovative ceramic armour wins top national award

    A team including researchers from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering recently won the Land Defence Australia National Industry Innovation Award for development of a new lightweight, ceramic armour material that links innovation, collaboration and the manufacturing sector in Victoria.


  4. Melbourne Knowledge Week lectures now available

    Melbourne Knowledge Week, a multidisciplinary, cross-sector festival showcasing a range of innovative projects, was hosted recently by the City of Melbourne. Professors Justin Zobel, Edmund Crampin and Marimuthu Palaniswami from the Melbourne School of Engineering presented events throughout the week.


  5. A quantum leap in nanoparticle efficiency

    New research has unlocked the secrets of efficiency in nanomaterials, which will improve the future development of chemical sensors used in chemical and engineering industries.


  6. New ARC projects in engineering and IT

    The Melbourne School of Engineering has received funding for six Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA), ten Discovery Projects (DP), one Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant and two non-lead LIEF grants in the latest round of ARC grant funding announced yesterday.


  7. xLabs: The Power of Gaze Tracking

    “Our goal in creating xLabs was to capture human intention and behavior that could not be inferred from keyboard and mouse interactions. As webcams have become a fundamental feature in computers, this approach offers an ideal way to achieve this,” says co-founder and computer science PhD Alan Zhang.


  8. Engineering a Better World with Lizzie Brown – 11 November

    Engineers Without Borders CEO Lizzie Brown is passionate about creating positive change for communities through engineering. In this lecture, she explains how EWB makes a difference and shares her vision for the humanitarian organisation’s future.


  9. Creating MAP Entrepreneurs

    The Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) TV Series tracks the experience of MAP entrepreneurs as they progress through the selection process, revealing their transition from hopeful applicants to seasoned entrepreneurs.


  10. Jack Wynhoven Scholarship offering financial security to future engineers

    Dr Jack Wynhoven AM

    A new scholarship has been created at the Melbourne School of Engineering to assist future engineers to embark on their dream careers, regardless of their financial circumstances. The Jack Wynhoven Scholarship is being established as a perpetual award from a commitment of $500,000 from Dr Jack Wynhoven AM and his family.


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