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  1. AIMES world-first transport technology trial completed in Carlton

    Majid Sarvi explains AIMES' transport trial to the Hon Paul Fletcher
    In a significant milestone for the Australian Integrated Multimodal EcoSystem (AIMES) project, a world-first trial of connected transport technology took place in Carlton on 11 July 2018.


  2. Six STEM stories to read this week

    Robot on futuristic background
    Catch up on some of the most interesting STEM news from around the world this week.


  3. Using maths to map mines deep underground

    New optimisation software, inspired by the complexity of the microchip, could save the mining industry millions


  4. ‘Loads, Diodes and Cathodes’ Win the 2018 Case Study Competition

    Presenting to peers, academics and a panel of industry-based judges on 26 March 2018, over 154 students comprising 33 multidisciplinary teams competed in this year’s Case Study Competition, with ‘Loads, Diodes and Cathodes’ taking home the prize.


  5. Remote drone surveillance maps horticulture crop health

    Drones carrying high-resolution multi-spectral, hyper-spectral and thermal cameras are being used to develop monitoring systems to help growers assess the health of their crops.


  6. Using virtual reality to treat real-world injuries

    Biomechanical technology that uses virtual reality can not only help treat injuries, but also prevent them


  7. Australian-first CAREN laboratory launched last week

    An Australian-first state of the art Virtual Reality (VR) biomechanical facility that is vastly improving our understanding of human movement and how to treat and prevent injuries was launched last week.


  8. Gender diversity & the Melbourne School of Engineering: IWD2018

    “How can we solve the complex problems that society throws at us when we don’t have a diverse cohort of people addressing these problems from every conceivable angle?”


  9. Melbourne School of Engineering advertises academic roles for women

    Melbourne School of Engineering is seeking women of exceptional calibre to fill five lecturer positions across all engineering and computer science disciplines.


  10. HEPEX Biannual International Workshop Held at University of Melbourne

    By Melbourne School of Engineering The HEPEX Biannual International Workshop was successfully held at the University of Melbourne on 6-8 February 2018. HEPEX grew from a …


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