• Carl Jackson
  1. Land buy backs in flood-prone areas in the media

    Associate Professor Andrew Western from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering has discussed the buy back of land in flood zones for The Conversation.


  2. Amazing Spaghetti Machine Task Revealed

    The task for the Melbourne School of Engineering’s inaugural Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest has been revealed today. The contest launched in 2011 as part of the School’s 150th anniversary celebrations will see teams of year-10 high school students from 40 schools around the state competing to design and build a complicated Spaghetti Machine to undertake the simple task of making a cup of instant coffee.


  3. Our students in the news: Francis Heil

    Chemical engineering student Francis Heil spoke to Richard Aedy on Life Matters about his work on the bionic eye project.


  4. Department of Infrastructure Engineering is on the map

    Mahsa Ghasemi, student in the Master of Spatial Information Science, has put the “Department of Infrastructure Engineering” on the map, using Openstreetmap.


  5. 2011 Graeme Clark Oration: “The Computational Brain” by Professor Terrence J. Sejnowski

    Renowned brain scientist, Professor Terrence J. Sejnowski, will deliver the 2011 Graeme Clark Oration, “The Computational Brain”, on Wednesday, 9 March, 2011. Registrations are now open.


  6. Fast Tracking Prosthetic Feet

    Associate Professor Peter Lee, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and his final year biomedical engineering students have been developing low-cost prosthetics for people in developing countries. Their work has been highlighted in an article in the latest edition of the Voice.


  7. Cosmonaut to talk at School of Engineering

    Famous Russian Cosmonaut, Alexander Ivanchenkov will visit the University on Wednesday March 2 to discuss his career in space exploration.


  8. 150 years of Engineering at Melbourne

    The University of Melbourne’s Chancellor and Victoria’s Governor-elect the Hon. Alex Chernov, AO, QC launched the anniversary of 150 years of engineering education at the Melbourne School of Engineering last night.


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