Professor Timothy Denison announced as speaker for the 2019 Graeme Clark Oration

By Melbourne School of Engineering

3D render of nerve cell

Professor Timothy Denison will deliver the 2019 Graeme Clark Oration with a presentation titled “Towards an Electronic Prescription? The opportunities and challenges for interfacing electrical and biological circuits for the treatment of disease.”

Professor Denison holds a joint appointment in Engineering Science and Clinical Neurosciences at Oxford where he explores the fundamentals of physiologic closed-loop systems in collaboration with the Medical Research Council Brain Network Dynamics Unit.

This year’s oration is centred on the study of bioelectronics, something which sounds like it could be straight out of sci-fi. In reality, many of us are familiar with one early inventions borne out of bioelectronics; the cochlear implant. Bioelectronics, put simply, is technology working with the patient’s nervous system to monitor physiological signals which then impact the way the body functions to more effectively treat diseases.

Professor Denison’s presentation examines the idea of expanding bioelectronics to neurological disorders like epilepsy, chronic pain and dementia. He will also discuss the flexibility of the discipline and broad scope for the benefits to extend beyond

The Graeme Clark Oration celebrates advances in health and medical research that impacts people around the world. The Oration contributes to a community-wide discussion of exciting developments which converge real-life challenges with engineering sciences .

Since its inception in 2008, the Oration has hosted leading global speakers. Professor Graeme Clark’s appearance at the inaugural oration was followed in subsequent years by esteemed guests including Dr J Craig Venter, Nobel Laureates Sir Paul Nurse and Professor Harold Varmus, Professor Dame Linda Partridge and Professor Paula Hammond.

More information on this year’s oration and Professor Denison is available here.