Improving well-being through mindfulness – R U OK Day 2018

By Carl Jackson

How can mindfulness be used to better our professional and personal lives and improve mental health and well-being? As part of 2018’s R U OK Day, Melbourne School of Engineering hosted mindfulness expert Dr Richard Chambers to present on this topic.

The practice of being fully engaged, present and aware in each moment of our lives, mindfulness can benefit everything from stress management to interpersonal communication and empathy.

Conducted as part of the School’s ongoing Spotlight Series and scheduled to coincide with R U OK Day, this event aimed to give staff and students the tools to better manage their own well-being as well as have the confidence and knowledge to manage conversations around mental health with those around them.

Dr Richard Chambers and Professor Andrew Ooi presenting in lecture theatre

Launched in 2009 by Gavin Larkin, R U OK Day is a national movement aimed at encouraging friends, families, loved ones and workmates to ask the question of anyone they are worried about, in a genuine and meaningful way.

Speaking about R U OK Day on its 10th national day of action, R U OK Day Campaign Director Katherine Newton said: “We’ve spoken to hundreds of Australians and had some very meaningful conversations as a result. We want people asking the question, ‘Are you ok?’, every day of the year.”

We want people asking the question, ‘Are you ok?’, every day of the year

In inviting attendees to the R U OK Day ‘Mindfulness for Mental Health’ event, MSE Dean Professor Mark Cassidy explained that “we can all make a difference to anyone who is struggling by having regular, meaningful conversations – you don’t have to be an expert.”

For more information on R U OK Day and resources to help you start the conversation, visit their website.

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