Professor Priyan Mendis and Dr Kate Nguyen invited onto leading international tall building working group

By Melbourne School of Engineering

Professor Priyan Mendis and Dr Kate Nguyen from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering have been invited to join the special working group on Fire and Facades with the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). They are the only Australian representatives on this Working Group.

The CTBUH is the global peak body for tall buildings, with 130 countries as members. The Fire Performance of Facades Working Group has been created following a significant number of tall building fires around the world. It appears the cause of many of these fires might have been inadequate fireproofing to the cladding, compounded by other issues in each case.

The Grenfell Tower in London is one of many fires that have breached perhaps the longest-standing fundamental fire safety object of tall buildings, which is “compartmentalisation”: i.e., to resist the spread of fire between floors.

The Working Group will seek to deconstruct what fire safety means, take it back to the key concepts that are independent of code or country, and ask whether we understand each of those concepts and how they should be addressed.

The Working Group will incorporate the work of investigations in countries around the world, with the objective of creating an international perspective on the issues, and to generate recommendations and guidelines that could work internationally, while local guidance is also accommodated.

The Working Group has been meeting via teleconference but will meet for a workshop in Sydney as part of the Connecting the City Conference on 29 October.

For more information visit the CTBUH website.