Nitero acquired by leading technology multinational

By Greta Harrison

Nitero, the technology company co-founded by Professor Stan Skafidas from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, has been acquired by global technology giant Advanced Micro Devices, with Professor Skafidas set to head up AMD’s operations in Australia.

In 2008, a team at the University of Melbourne and NICTA, led by Professor Skafidas developed the game-changing “GiFi” technology that could revolutionise consumer gadgets. The team created the world’s first completely integrated 60GHz transceiver on CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) – the technology behind silicon chips. The result was a single chip wireless system that can deliver 5Gbps data rate at cost of approximately $1, whilst being only 5mm x 5mm in size.

Professor Skafidas then co-founded Nitero, as the spin out company to commercialise this technology. The technology and products based on this technology were the recipient of multiple industry awards including the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show Innovation award.

Stan Skafidas
Professor Stan Skafidas

Nitero’s innovative technology has recently been applied to the rapidly growing field of wireless Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and systems, to allow users an immersive wireless VR experience, without unwieldy cables hindering movement.

Nitero has now been acquired by AMD, a global technology leader specialising in computer processors and related technologies for businesses and consumers. AMD has recently made significant investments in the Virtual Reality space.

The acquisition was recently covered in Forbes.

AMD’s announcement of the Nitero acquisition.