Student ingenuity shines at Endeavour exhibition 2016

endeavourA battery that charges over wifi is just one of the student inventions launched at the Endeavour Engineering & IT Exhibition 2016, the University of Melbourne’s showcase of Engineering and IT design projects.

This year, projects include  a wheelchair-accessible Cambodian Tuk Tuk and a backyard, swing-tester for golf enthusiasts.

The Exhibition is hosted annually to showcase the engineering and IT technology of tomorrow, as designed by final year students.

Endeavour’s Academic co-ordinator Professor Andrew Western said engineering and IT is everywhere, and generates new knowledge through diverse research projects.

“Clever engineering can help unlock the future and allows for exciting initiatives to come to light and ultimately improve our lives and the world we live in,” Professor Western said.

One group designed an automated musical instrument, “the Percy Grudy”, to be displayed during the Melbourne Festival’s Cultural Collisions at the Ian Potter Museum of Art.

Some of the other inventive final year projects to feature at the Endeavour Expo include:

Jimibot: The guitar-playing robot
Jimibot: The guitar-playing robot
  • A wireless stethoscope to help doctors treat patients with highly infectious diseases
  • Tiny surgical robots for use in keyhole surgery
  • A method that prevents drones from colliding when used indoors, useful for emergency services
  • An electric bicycle controlled by the user’s posture
  • An application that helps kids with autism build their skills.
  • 3D printing that replaces cartilage in osteoarthritis
  • Motion capture to help assess the movement of Parkinson’s patients, helping clinicians treat the “freezing of the gait” sensation
  • ‘Jimibot’, the guitar-playing robot.

This year’s exhibition took place at Wilson Hall and University Hall on 20 October.