Girton Grammar takes top honours in 2016 Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest

Winning team, Girton Grammar

Girton Grammar has brought home the glory in this year’s Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest, with their creative contraption designed to water a plant.

Spaghetti Machines are similar to Rube Goldberg Machines – highly complex contraptions designed to complete a simple task in a series of bizarre and entertaining steps.

Launched in 2011, the Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest is now an annual competition for school students in year 10, encouraging students from around Victoria to use their engineering and scientific knowledge to imaginative effect.

This year, the students used their creativity and design skills to come up with a “watering machine” which must take at least 12 steps to water a plant. Machines had a minimum time limit of 30 seconds and a maximum of two minutes in which to complete the task. This year’s machines made use of devices as diverse as marbles, dominoes, robots, kettles and even a Barbie doll.

Nossal High School's "Mario," a cheeky plant watering machine inspired by biology.
Nossal High School’s “Mario,” a cheeky plant watering machine inspired by biology.

The schools have been busily designing, building and testing their machines over the past four months.

Congratulations to all of the event prize winners:

Overall winner: Girton Grammar
Spaghetti with Everything Award: Nossal High School
Technical Excellence Award: Ivanhoe Girls Grammar
Green Award: Ivanhoe Girls Grammar
Audience Choice: Penleigh and Essendon Grammar
Spirit of Spaghetti Award: Melbourne Grammar