A new leg to stand on

vietnamlimbProfessor Peter Lee from the Department of Mechanical Engineering is leading a trial to provide low-cost prosthetic limbs to patients in the developing world.

Professor Lee’s team is using PCAST, a unique process that allows prosthetic limbs to be created within a day, offering particular advantages for patients in remote and developing regions, where highly qualified prosthetists are either unavailable or unable to meet the intense local demand for prosthetic limbs.

This situation is compounded in Vietnam, where the prevalence of landmines, as well as high rates of motor accidents, lead to critical levels of demand for low cost prosthetic legs.

Read more about the project on Pursuit.

Professor Lee presents a free public lecture about the project:

Engineering limbs: Helping amputees walk in Vietnam
When: Tuesday, 22 March 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Where: Woodward Conference Centre (Level 10) – 185 Pelham Street, Carlton, VIC 3053, Australia
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ARTIFICIAL LIMBS from Melbourne School of Engineering on Vimeo.