Lunar Mission One at Melbourne

Date:           Friday 11 March
Time:          6:00pm – 7:30pm (refreshments begin at 5:30pm)
Venue:        Copland Theatre, The Spot 198 Berkeley Street, Parkville
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Lunar Mission One is an internationally crowd-funded effort to send an autonomous robotic lander to the Moon’s South Pole in 2024, to perform scientific experiments and leave a time capsule containing a permanent record of humanity. The lander will drill deep into the lunar surface, accessing rock samples up to 4.5 billion years old to reveal secrets about the early days of the solar system, and evaluate local conditions for a permanent manned base.

This public lecture presented by David Iron, will introduce Lunar Mission One and its motivations, the scientific and social importance of the mission and the future of international space exploration.

The Speaker

David Iron is a former Royal Navy Engineering Officer and advisor to national investment institutions, specialising in creating public-private partnerships. With sixteen years of experience in the space sector, David’s work towards commercialising and financing international space exploration led him to originate the concept for Lunar Mission One in 2008. David is the Founder of Lunar Missions Trust and Lunar Missions Ltd.

The University of Melbourne Space Program

The University of Melbourne Space Program (UMSP) is a student-run space technology research group comprising over 130 ambitious and creative students at The University of Melbourne. OurCapture members come from a range of faculties but share a passion for technology and innovation and all hope to play a role in the establishment and expansion of the Australian space industry. Under the academic supervision of Professor Stan Skafidas and supported by the Melbourne School of Engineering, the UMSP is working on developing their first small satellite to be launched into low-Earth orbit, bringing Melbourne into the final frontier.

This event is brought to you by the University of Melbourne Space Program, and sponsored by the Australian Institute of Physics, the Melbourne School of Engineering, and the Physics Students’ Society.