Celebrating women in entrepreneurship

As the year draws to a close, the Melbourne School of Engineering and the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) reflect on all that women in entrepreneurship have achieved throughout 2015.

Marita Cheng
Marita Cheng

Melbourne School of Engineering and MAP13 alumna Marita Cheng

Since founding 2Mar Robotics, Marita Cheng has worked with Singularity University to help develop a prototype for a telepresence robot. The robot, Teleroo, is a video phone on wheels that is designed to assist those who are mobility or challenged or living in remote locations.

Later in 2015, Ms Cheng was named the ambassador of the Tech Schools Initiative, a program enabling Victorian students to supplement their studies and acquire STEM schools. The initiative will see 10 new tech schools open across the state, accessible to students studying in both government and non-government schools.

MAP14 alumna Dr Rikky Muller, Cortera Neurotechnologies

This year electrical and electronic engineering lecturer Dr Rikky Muller was named an honoree of MIT Technology Review’s Annual Innovators Under 35 list. Joining recipients of previous years Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg, Dr Muller was recognised for developing an electrical brain interface to alleviate the symptoms of mental disorders.

Sarah Webber, recipient of the Anita Borg Scholarship
Sarah Webber, recipient of the Anita Borg Scholarship

PhD candidate Sarah Webber, Anita Borg Scholarship recipient

Sarah Webber, PhD candidate from the Department of Computing and Information Systems, received the Anita Borg Scholarship for work in engaging women in computer science and technology. Ms Webber developed a community skills training program in Thailand, working closely with Burmese youth to expand education and life opportunities through technology.

Female Founders Melbourne

Hosted by MAP, Female Founders Melbourne assists female entrepreneurs in starting their own business and pursuing leadership opportunities. The Meetups provide a safe, social environment to foster learning, innovation and networking opportunities.