Welcome to Pursuit

From cutting-edge cancer treatments, to the secrets behind Asia’s economic powerhouses, to the history of witchcraft – welcome to Pursuit.

This is where the University of Melbourne will showcase its research activities and their impact on the world. The stories on Pursuit are as diverse as the University of Melbourne’s academics themselves – why stillness should be taught in classrooms, the scientists who have decoded the sheep blowfly genome, the podcast shining a light on a murder verdict.

Communicating the impact of its work is a central part of the University’s core mission and Pursuit will play a big part of that.

Editor Phillip Gardner says the mix, significance and breadth of stories on Pursuit will be attractive to readers.

“The work that takes place at University of Melbourne, day in day out, and the impact it has on the world is amazing,” he says.

“Readers will find everything from the story behind cutting edge melanoma treatments to how meditation can benefit school students, to new tools to fight bushfires.”

The common thread through everything on Pursuit – story, video, graphic or podcast – is that it is all directly informed by world-leading experts; every piece of information is research-informed, authoritative and the latest in its field.

“Many of our research staff are also keen communicators, wanting to engage with the community so Pursuit provides an ideal channel for them to do that.”

Content is easy to find – hit “All Sections” to explore the different ways you can navigate Pursuit. You can go through a super channel, which groups stories together into broad areas. Or you can be more specific and search out topics that interest you, such as politics, design, music, arts & screen or medicine.

Pursuit’s stories vary in length and style, designed to keep you coming back on a smartphone, tablet or PC as often as you want. You’ll also find content in Go Figure, where we’ll take the mystery out of life by solving everyday conundrums. Or it might be the Big Read, where we’ll showcase long-form stories.

Pursuit is updated daily, and you can subscribe to receive weekly updates alerting you to new articles in your areas of interest. And our stories are also shared extensively on the University of Melbourne’s social media networks.

Share them on your own networks, or republish the stories yourself if you run a digital site – everything is available under a Creative Commons Licence.

The site is the result of over a year of hard work from a large team at the University. Marketing and communications executive director, Lara McKay, says it forms a vital part of the organisation’s overall communication strategy.

“Increasingly, universities must communicate how their work benefits the community. The challenge for the University is to communicate our comprehensive strength and the impact of the multitude of projects being worked on here every day, but we can’t rely on a once a month or once a quarter publication to do that any more,” she says.

Pursuit is the latest, and boldest, step we have taken towards making that research not only visible to the public, but interesting, engaging and dynamic. Our aim is absolutely to entice readers to stay on the site, read more stories, and return the next day to learn about our next great contribution in research.”

So sit back and start exploring …

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