Robotic arm to help those with limited mobility

A group of University of Melbourne students, lead by Marita Cheng, are developing a robotic arm to improve the lives of people with limited mobility. Controlling the robotic arm with an android phone, iPhone or a head movement, this technology enables people to perform basic household tasks.

“I thought about who would benefit most from this, who would benefit the most from having a robotic arm in their house,” Ms Cheng said.

Since founding Robogals and graduating from the Melbourne School of Engineering,┬áMarita Cheng has been passionate about developing technologies to improve people’s quality of life. Stemming from the robot arm, Ms Cheng aspires to design new technologies such as the tele-presence robot, or “Skype on wheels”, which connects hospitalised or limited mobility patients with their families and friends.

“Seeing the impact this makes on their lives on their faces was really rewarding,” Ms Cheng said.

Ms Cheng discussed her team’s progress and future goals with Channel 9 news. Read the full story here.

One Response to “Robotic arm to help those with limited mobility”

  1. Maven says:

    There are a lot of Robotic Arm prototypes. Don’t know which one is better but Ms Chengs projects is very perspective.