Report to Donors 2014

Philanthropically, 2014 has been an exceptional year for the School and we are grateful for the support from our donors.

Through the University Annual Appeal or through independent gifts in support of specific programs and projects within the School, each gift and each donor is deeply appreciated and contributes to the overall success of Believe — The Campaign for The University of Melbourne.

In an uncertain political and financial environment, generous philanthropic support to the School has strengthened our research capabilities, improved our facilities and provided numerous scholarships that have alleviated the burden of rising costs for many deserving students.

Staff and students here at the Melbourne School of Engineering are grateful for your support and it is once again our sincere pleasure to offer you our thanks along with this update.

The Len Stevens Scholarship

The year commenced on a spectacular note, with the establishment of the Len Stevens Scholarship in perpetuity. The Appeal to establish the Scholarship ran from 2011 through until 2013; we were delighted that enough support was generated to ensure that the Len Stevens Scholarship will continue to offer transformational opportunities to deserving students for generations to come.

Guests at the 2014 Celebration of Support.
Guests at the 2014 Celebration of Support.

Established in honour of Emeritus Professor Leonard Stevens AM, former Dean of Engineering (1979-1988), the Len Stevens Scholarship is designed to give exceptional students the opportunity to broaden their experience.  The 2014 Len Stevens Scholar (and inaugural female recipient!) was appointed earlier this year and you can read more about her plans here.

Our thanks to you, our donors, for making this possible.


The Diane Lemaire Scholarship

The School has been honoured to receive a bequest from the late Miss Diane Lemaire, who completed her Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 1943, and holds a special place in the School’s history as the first female to complete engineering studies at the University of Melbourne.

The funds have endowed the Diane Lemaire Scholarship in perpetuity, with an initial priority to support female students undertaking their PhD. The inaugural Diane Lemaire Scholarship will be awarded in 2015. We are delighted to celebrate Miss Lemaire in this way, and acknowledge her generosity with gratitude.

The Jack Wynhoven Scholarship

The Melbourne School of Engineering is delighted to announce a new scholarship to assist future engineers to embark on their dream careers, regardless of their financial circumstances. The Jack Wynhoven Scholarship is being established in perpetuity through a generous commitment from Dr Jack Wynhoven AM (BE(Civil) 1964) and his family. The inaugural scholarship will be awarded in 2016, to a Master of Engineering student in financial need – more information on the Scholarship can be found here.

We are thrilled to be partnering with the Wynhoven family in this way and thank them for their generous support.

The MSE Foundation Scholarship Program

As in the previous three years, the MSE Foundation has continued to offer scholarship support to students entering the professional Masters degrees offered by the School. The funds are available due to the generosity of our community in establishing and contributing to the MSE Foundation over the past three decades including a specific fundraising Appeal from 2008 through until 2010.

Scholarships are available to both local and international students, and are awarded on the basis of academic merit or to support students in need or who have experienced disadvantage. We were pleased to award 38 MSE Foundation Scholarships in 2014 which brings our total number of scholarships awarded through the program to 146.

This support has a tremendous impact on the students concerned and we continue to be so grateful for the contributions of our alumni and friends to this program.

2014 Celebration of Support

2014 Len Stevens Scholar, Faezeh Marzbanrad, speaking to donors at the Celebration of Support in November 2014.
2014 Len Stevens Scholar, Faezeh Marzbanrad, speaking to donors at the Celebration of Support in November 2014.

In November, we invited the Melbourne School of Engineering’s community of supporters on to campus to thank you for your generosity.

Hosted by the Chair of the MSE Foundation, Christine Tursky Gordon, the evening featured video presentations on the success of the Len Stevens Scholarship Appeal as well as a passionate address from the most recent Len Stevens Scholarship recipient.

The recipient, Faezeh Marzbanrad, is undertaking her PhD in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Thanks to the Scholarship, she will have the opportunity next year to work with a top research team in the USA to look at improved and cost-effective methods of foetal heart assessment, in order to apply these techniques in developing countries, where foetal mortality is high.

We were honoured to be joined on the evening by Professor Len Stevens AM and his family, as well as all of the existing recipients of the Scholarship.

Photos from the evening can be viewed online.

Acknowledging Donors to the MSE in 2014

At the time of writing, the total amount of philanthropic funds received by the by the MSE in 2014 is over $1,413,000 which is tremendously exciting as it reflects a continued growth in the support provided by our community, and therefore a corresponding growth in  the activities and initiatives made possible for our students and staff.

A particularly special mention must go to the following supporters of the School who support the University at the Chancellor’s Circle level through annual giving:

Alumni and Friends

  • Bruce Addis
  • Robert Armstrong
  • Eric Billman
  • Patrick Blain
  • Stefan Bradica
  • Anthony Burkitt
  • Rajkumar Buyya
  • Christine Charman
  • Justin Cleeland
  • Dahlia Cochran & Ian Cochran
  • Jonathan Crockett & Sandra Crockett
  • Ian Curwen-Walker
  • Charles Day & Elise Everest
  • John Edwards & Jane Edwards
  • G R Embelton
  • Jamie Evans & Jane Cohen
  • James Fleming
  • John Floyd AM & Carolyn Floyd
  • David Ford & Lona Ford
  • Peter Gerrand & Valerie Gerrand
  • Christine Tursky Gordon
  • Roy Hardcastle AO & June Hardcastle
  • Keith Higgins
  • John Humphrey
  • The Johnson Family
  • Christine Kenworthy
  • Peter Laver AM
  • Chris Lester & Rosemary Lester PSM
  • Ping Lin Low
  • John Mann
  • Iven Mareels & Sylvia Mareels
  • Jan McDonald
  • Rory Nathan & Julienne Kinna
  • Robert Niall
  • Thas Nirmalathas
  • John North & Sue North
  • Andrew Ooi
  • Marimuthuswami Palaniswami
  • Mary Patterson
  • Geoffrey Phillips & Jan Phillips
  • Abbas Rajabifard
  • Joyce Richards
  • Peter Scales
  • Gwynne Thomas & Doreen Thomas
  • Rod Tucker OAM & Gretel Lamont
  • Peter Vulcan AM
  • Graham Watsford
  • John Webb & Susan Webb
  • Wong Seng
  • Kingston Wong
  • Charlotte Woodgate
  • Dr Jack Wynhoven AM
  • 6 Anonymous Donors

Organisations and Foundations

  •  ATD Energy
  • Defence Health Foundation
  • Ford Motor Company (USA)
  • IBM Corporation
  • Intel Corporation
  • Larsen & Toubro InfoTech
  • Pro Medicus Limited
  • The CASS Foundation Limited
  • The Ian Potter Foundation
  • The Late Diane Adrienne Lemaire
  • The Late Edith Stephenson Mather
  • The University of Melbourne USA Foundation (made possible by Christopher Reseigh and Samuel Aroni)

Where donors have requested that their funds be allocated to certain areas or purposes within the MSE, we have honoured these wishes and allocated the funds accordingly. Such funds enabled us to reward and support our students through specific scholarship and prize programs, allowed one of our departments to purchase a desperately needed high resolution 3D printer and supported the career establishment of newer academics through paying PhD stipends, assisting them to get to important international conferences, and purchasing laboratory equipment.

As well as supporting Engineering, many of our alumni have chosen to support the University in other areas by contributing over $674,000 in additional funding, with most donors directing their support to the University’s Highest Priorities.

Beyond donations received this year, the School also acknowledges the generosity of supporters who have established a number of perpetual University Trusts that continue to benefit the School and our students, including:

  • The AE Perry Memorial Prize
  • The Aileen Sinclair Memorial Scholarship
  • The AAII Prize in Computer Science
  • The Clive Pratt Scholarship
  • The David Trezise Robertson Scholar Fund
  • The DJM Rankin Memorial Prize
  • The Len Stevens Scholarship
  • The Melbourne School of Engineering Foundation
  • The Noel Mather Memorial Prize
  • The Norman Westmore Memorial Prize
  • The Paterson Scholarship
  • The Sir Louis Matheson Prize

We continue to be grateful for and encouraged by our committed supporters, and look forward to keeping you apprised of future progress.

If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, we would be happy to hear from you – please contact us by email or phone +61 3 8344 9864.

Tanya Wilding, Alumni & Donor Engagement Manager (Engineering)