Shohini Shome: Taking her engineering career further at Melbourne

Master of Engineering (Chemical) student, Shohini Shome, originally from India, has been making the most of the industry opportunities offered at Melbourne, both via her course and through her own extracurricular activities.

Shohini completed a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in biotechnology, at India’s Manipal Institute of Technology before moving to Melbourne to start her ME (Chemical) in 2012.

“After completing my Bachelors, there were two options I was willing to consider. This was either to continue on with what would inevitably be a research position within the molecular biology sphere or pursue industry-based chemical engineering”.

“I wanted to work as a process engineer, particularly within the energy sector, which is why I decided to study chemical engineering.”

“One of many things I have enjoyed about my Master of Engineering course is the kind of support that was constantly available to me as a student. Whenever I’ve had an academic issue, there has always been someone there to listen to it and help me find a solution.”

As part of her course, Shohini has had the opportunity to complete an industry project with top multinational corporation Rio Tinto.

“I’m definitely impressed with the industry exposure we get during the course of our study. My industry project involved working on a current project for Rio Tinto, critically analysing the problem, and using the resources provided by both the University and Rio Tinto to suggest a solution for it.”

Outside of study, Shohini plays an active role in not-for-profit organisation, Engineers Without Borders, which develops humanitarian engineering solutions for application in local communities and in developing countries. Shohini is also passionate about climate change.

“Climatologists, engineers, economists and scientists that come together to find solutions for the imminent climate change problem inspire me the most. I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and my immediate surroundings.

I love taking my bike out to places to discover the city more. Melbourne is very sustainable living conscious and is constantly looking for ways to make it better.”

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