Amazing Spaghetti Machine Task Revealed

The task for the Melbourne School of Engineering’s inaugural Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest has been revealed today. The contest launched in 2011 as part of the School’s 150th anniversary celebrations will see teams of year-10 high school students from 40 schools around the state competing to design and build a complicated Spaghetti Machine to undertake a simple task.

The contest will be an annual competition for schools in which knowledge and skills in maths, science, engineering, and project management are put to the test in the creation of a ‘Spaghetti Machine’ – the Italian term for an overly complex machine or device that is used to perform a relatively simple task.

Competition will be fierce as schools from Swan Hill to Sale, and Horsham to Mansfield, have just over four months to design and build a Spaghetti Machine that will dispense instant coffee, sugar, and powdered milk into a cup, ready to make a cup of instant coffee. Please note, that the proportion of ingredients in the cup should make a drinkable cup of coffee, once hot water has been added. Hot water will not be used in the contest, however.

Judging of the Spaghetti Machines will take place in Wilson Hall on July 26 and 27, with teams competing for some great prizes.