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  1. Ten exciting new startups supported through the 2016 Melbourne Accelerator Program

    The University of Melbourne’s Startup Accelerator, the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) has seen record numbers of entries and the largest ever intake into the prestigious startup program.

  2. How high-speed wireless compares to cable in boosting our internet speeds

    Professor Thas Nirmalathas

    In the light of Google’s recent announcement for plans to roll out high-speed wireless internet connections, how will the NBN’s national broadband cable compare? Professor Thas Nirmalathas writes for the Conversation.

  3. GreenTouch wins silver at Edison Awards

    The GreenTouch Consortium, supported by the Centre of Energy Efficient Telecommunications (CEET), has been named a finalist in the 2016 Edison Awards for its Green Meter research.

  4. Rod Tucker’s team wins OFCity Challenge in Los Angeles

    Congratulations to Professor Rod Tucker of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, who successfully led a team of telecommunications engineers to submit the winning proposal for The Connected OFCity Challenge in Los Angeles.

  5. Applications open for joint PhD scholarships with University of Birmingham

    Applications are now open for 20 Priestley Fellowships that enable PhD students to work with academics in both Birmingham and Melbourne.

  6. Melbourne University – now with drones!

    New opportunities in remote sensing and research data acquisition will be generated with the launch of a new drone project, the Melbourne Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Platform, also known as MUASIP.

  7. Lunar Mission One at Melbourne

    In this public lecture David Iron will introduce Lunar Mission One and its motivations, the scientific and social importance of the mission and the future of international space exploration.

  8. Universities of Melbourne and Birmingham launch joint PhD program in engineering

    The University of Birmingham and the University of Melbourne have signed an expansive new collaboration, which will include up to 20 PhD ‘Priestley Scholars’ in engineering, who will study alongside world-leading experts at both universities.

  9. FBI vs Apple: giving up security and privacy could hurt us all

    If Apple concedes to the US government’s request to hack its own product, it could end up undermining security and privacy for all of us says Dr Suelette Dreyfus and Associate Professor Shanton Chang.

  10. Superhuman abilities could lurk under your skin

    Insertable technology could launch a new type of human. Read more on Pursuit.

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